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Libra 2014 Horoscope

Libra 2014 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Libra Zodiac Sign 2014


Libra will have a very active 2014, even intense at times. That's because the planet Mars occupies the Zodiac sign, bringing a lot of energy and strong will. Libra knows quite well how to handle that.

     It's not that rare for Mars to appear in Libra, since the planet moves rather fast through the Zodiac. Every year and a half it returns to the same sign. But this time Mars is there in the 2014 New Year horoscope, which means that the planet will influence Libra's whole year - even though it leaves the sign in July (Mars entered it in December of 2013).

Persistent Mars in Libra 2014

Usually Mars passes through a Zodiac sign much quicker than that, but in March 2014 it start a retrograde movement (seemingly moving backward in the Zodiac), which goes on until the end of May. That prolongs its stay in Libra significantly.

     It also creates some frustration, since Mars is a planet particularly unfit for retrograde. Mars brings constructive power, force and even aggression - not traits that have patience with retreating. So, from early March until late May 2014, the Mars power will be obstructed and its direction deviated.

     To Libra, that will be quite frustrating. Things that were heading well with high speed suddenly decrease and meet with complications. Plans need altering and Libra does not feel as strong and firmly decided as otherwise in 2014.

     But at the start of 2014 as well as after May, it's business as usual. Actually more than that - things work fine and Libra has the energy to accomplish what would otherwise be too much. Those are periods to get things done, a lot of things.

A Bit Much for Libra

The Mars energy can get to be a bit much in Libra, which is the Zodiac sign of firm principles and hard demands. That gets enhanced with Mars. The planet can push Libra to engage in battles that are not completely called for, and to fight them with so much determination others would call it close to fanatic.

Mars in Libra 2014.
The planet Mars is in Libra for most of 2014, bringing energy and a lot of action.

     Libra normally shifts between determination and uncertainty, but with Mars in the sign it's only the former. Except for the period in 2014 when Mars is retrograde. Then, previous decisions are questioned and the present path is altered.

     That may be just as well, so that Libra doesn't go too far.

New Ideas Bothering Libra 2014

In the 2014 New Year horoscope, Mars is connected to several other planets by aspects (certain astrologically significant angles). That makes its role even more intense for Libra. It's involved in a lot of things, making life very busy indeed.

     These aspects don't last that long, since the planets move on in their orbits. The aspects still influence the whole of 2014, because they are present at the very beginning of the year.

     The opposition aspect to Uranus in Aries shows that the new bold thoughts and ideas emerging in society are not to Libra's liking. It is a sign committed to strong principles about what's right and wrong, and what to make of life. So Libra refuses to accept much of what is discussed in 2014, insisting that we should not rush into things, not even when it's just talk.

     What Libra fears is that the new ideas risk brushing away old and important values. Some of them seem to be little more than the eagerness to change, whether that's for the better or the worse.

     Although Libra is sometimes very loudly protesting, it has little effect. People rush ahead with the new ideas, having little patience for second thoughts.

     But Libra is not one to give up, so the resistance continues. This is one of the things in 2014 that this sign finds it worth fighting for.

Libra Insists on What's Best for All

Mars also has a square aspect to Medium Coeli (MC) in the 2014 New Year world horoscope. That's both good and bad, since the Mars power is able to utilize the square aspect and gain from it, although it's not uncomplicated. Mars is both constructive and destructive, and so is the square.

     MC in Cancer of the 2014 world horoscope shows that society as a whole sees itself as beneficial for all its members. Welfare for all is the main concern. At least that's how society prefers to see itself, and this collective self-image tends to influence politics in that direction.

The 2014 World Horoscope

The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014. Click on it for a bigger image. Click here to read more about: The 2014 World Horoscope

     Libra is not so sure about it, though - neither of the ideal being perfect nor of the sincerity of this political will. Libra is sure to know what should be the goal and how to get there, and fights to make it happen - sometimes quite successfully, although the odds are what they are.

     Mainly, Libra struggles to change people's opinions and convince them of what would be better ideals, as well as how to improve the strife to realize them. And people of this Zodiac sign can be mighty convincing, especially by persisting and not taking no for an answer.

Libra Commits to Family Values

The strongest and most important of Mars' aspects in the 2014 New Year horoscope is the square to a cluster of planets in Capricorn: Pluto, Mercury and the sun (in astrology, the sun is comparable to the planets). That's a major point of power in the horoscope, and Mars in Libra meddles fearlessly with it.

     The planets gathering in Capricorn 2014 indicate that there are lots of great changes going on in the world, especially regarding homes and families. They are given renewed importance and ambitious new structures. Homes turn into castles and families accomplish big things together.

     This is a tendency in this whole era of our civilization, since Greenwich Mean Time was established as the starting point for world time. But in 2014 it's particularly strong, since Capricorn contains as much as five planets at the start of the year.

     The 2014 square aspect between Mars and the cluster in Capricorn shows that Libra is quite involved in this home and family renewed pioneering of sorts, but not without opposition to some of its ingredients. Libra insists on protesting some solutions and insisting on others.

     On the whole, though, Libra is for the change, especially the reinforced values it gives to home and family - the strong bonds between connected people and how they aspire to make use of them to the benefit of all involved. It's a mighty alliance, and Libra is convinced of the necessity of a good alliance.

     But of course, it's not without tension and dispute. Mars makes Libra the winner of most arguments, albeit frequently by mere persistence.

Busy for Libra 2014

So, Libra has a lot to do in 2014, and does so with remarkable energy and persistence, thanks to Mars. It's a tiring year, but the reward is all that gets done - and what is stopped from getting done.

Libra, the Scales.

© Stefan Stenudd

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